• Which drive system is best suitable for an eMTB? >>

    This depends on the intended use of the product. For eMTBs today, mid-mounted engines are often favoured because they offer a very natural feel and excellent control even on difficult terrains due to their low, central centre of gravity and balanced weight distribution. If the bike is used on less difficult terrains, a rear engine can be an alternative.

  • Are eMTBs allowed to come into contact with mud and water? >>

    Of course, e-bike motors are sealed. However, eMTBs should be cleaned of dirt after each contact with water or mud, so that no water settles anywhere. In addition, if the eMTB is stored for a longer period of time - for example in winter - a humid microclimate should be avoided. In such cases, we recommend additionally removing the battery and storing it in a dry place at room temperature.

  • Which level of support is most useful for an eMTB? >>

    That depends on the terrain and the rider. A powerful support level is recommended for dynamic, effortless movement on the trail and when starting off on steep uphill passages. On difficult, challenging passages, however, a medium level of assistance should be selected in order to be able to control the bike with maximum sensitivity using the pedals. In any case, take your time with a new eMTB and experiment which support level offers you the most natural riding feeling and the best flow in which situation.

  • Can I make technical modifictions to my Bafang motor? >>

    You definitely should not do so, as this will invalidate the operating licence and tuning is prohibited by law. With tuning modifications you change the tested functionality of your e-bike and thus endanger yourself and other participants in traffic. In addition, your insurance company may refuse to pay benefits in the event of damage.


  • What are the advantages of an eRoad bike? >>

    An eRoad bike offers support in all less loved situations of road cycling. For example, the engine considerably reduces the agony of riding uphill or in strong headwinds and crosswinds. The drive assistance can also be useful as an additional tailwind during training, whereby this can always be individually regulated via the assistance levels. The start when starting off is also much more powerful on an eRoad bike.

  • Can an eRoad bike also be ridden without a battery? >>

    This is possible without any problems. This reduces the weight and the eRoad bike rides like any other racing bike.

  • Are there additional batteries for the eRoad system? >>

    No problem: additional batteries are available from your local dealer. In this way you can significantly increase the range of your eRoad bike, for example for brevets and other long distance tours.

  • How much extra weight does an eRoad bike have? >>

    Specially developed engines for e-bikes are generally lighter than conventional e-bike engines. Together with the battery, this results in an additional weight of approximately 4 kg. Apart from the weight, however, you should also pay attention to a compact design. The Bafang M800 drive system sets standards for both criteria.


  • Which drive systems are suitable for eCity bikes? >>

    For eCity bikes there are front wheel, rear wheel and mid drive motors. Personal preferences are the main factor in the selection process: The front-wheel drive scores points primarily because of its very low weight. ECity bikes powered by a rear engine offer a rather sporty riding experience and often also offer the possibility of energy recovery during braking (recuperation). The advantages of the mid-drive motors are the eCity bike's well-balanced centre of gravity, the resulting harmonious riding experience and lower power consumption due to the more direct power transmission.

  • Can the battery stay on the eCity bike during the day? >>

    Yes, this is possible if the battery is secured by a lock. This feature is particularly useful in city situations, as it allows you to save time on shopping trips with several stops without having to remove the battery each time.

  • Is every battery secured with a lock? >>

    That depends on the manufacturer of your e-bike. Some batteries are also permanently integrated into the frame and can only be removed or replaced by a qualified dealer.

  • Can I charge the battery separately, for example in the office? >>

    This depends on whether the battery can be removed from the eCity bike at the manufacturer or not. If separate charging is important to you, it is best to make sure that the battery can be removed from the bike of your choice before you make your purchase decision.



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