It’s important to care for your e-bike to keep it functioning to the best of its ability. Aside from all the maintenance you would give to a normal bike, such as regularly checking its tyre pressure, keeping it clean and lubricating moving parts, e-bikes can also require a little more care. So, we’ve put together a few tips to help you keep your bike in top shape, even when you’re riding it less frequently.


It’s essential to clean your e-bike as often as possible, ideally after every ride but ensure to always remove the battery and, if possible, the display before cleaning to avoid any water damage.

Never use high pressure water when cleaning your e-bike. This reduces the chance of water penetrating into the motor, hubs or rear frame bearings which can harm your travel companion.

Batteries are one of the most waterproof parts on an e-bike, but you should be careful to check for rust or corrosion which could cause connection problems. Instead of using running water to clean your battery, we advise using a damp cloth to avoid it getting too wet and dry it straight away after cleaning. 

Battery care and Maintenance

Be sure to fully charge your e-bike’s battery when you receive it. This will give it the best start to maintaining good power and longevity.  

Give your battery a half an hour rest period once you are back form a ride before charging it – this can help give it a longer life as it has time to return to a normal working speed. 

Do not leave your battery on charge for too long. Leaving your battery plugged into a power source can be risky, as a charging malfunction could cause your battery to overheat. The best advice we can give is to remove your battery from the power as soon as it is fully charged.

As batteries do not like extreme temperatures, using a battery sleeve or thermal cover can give you more range in the winter to ensure you’re getting the most out of your bike. 

Looking after your bike when you are not riding it

When you know you won’t be riding your bike for an extended period of time, remove the battery and display and store them in a dry place, ideally at room temperature – these components tend to dislike extreme temperatures.

Never let your battery run empty. Your battery should maintain a residual charge of around 60% to maintain its best working condition. This may mean charging the battery even when the bike is not in regular use to ensure it’s always topped up. 

Before storing away, make sure your bike is clean and lightly lubricated to avoid rust or dirt becoming ingrained.  

We hope these tips can help you to look after your e-bike and keep it working to the best of its ability for as long as possible!

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